Retreat & Learning Facility
The vision of At The Center is to promote
creativity and the human potential, where individuals will
grow and groups learn to work together. It is our intent to provide a
safe and sacred space for creative expression and continued
learning in an enchanting setting that honors the Earth.

At The Center is where people come together
in unity of sharing ideas, celebrations and experiences.

The ATC facility is designed to respect the
comfort level of each individual.

Sauna areas and the Spa Tub structure are private.
Public areas require the wearing of robes, towels or sarongs.
It is our intent to provide a safe and respectful place for people to relax.

At The Center is a scent free facility.
Please refrain from wearing perfume, cologne or scented
products of any kind in respect for the sensitivity of others.

Please respect ATC guidelines when using the facility,
so areas stay clean and user friendly.

Thank You