Create your own custom military coins

Are you looking for a gift for a soldier lover? Do you want to appreciate them through a coin? What mystery does a coin bear for a military man? Does it really give them a sense of achievement when given a coin? Is it an ordinary coin or an extraordinary coin that gives them pride and honour?

Custom military coins are right for you. If you are not a military man but a loved one and you do not have an idea what to give them, Challenge Coins 4 Less makes it easy for you. Stop by our own one stop shop where you can be creative to create a unique military coin for your loved one to appreciate him as a soldier. For an ordinary people, it is just a coin but for the servants of the country such as the Armed Forces, Navy, Marine or the military forces, it is a military coin that symbolized their bravery and integrity.

For them, it gives them a sense of achievement since long ago, it is traditionally used as badge of honour. It is a pride that signifies that they have again fight in a battle and able to conquer it. A battle is won and so the commander recognized them for what they have done. For some, they may not know the true value of it, but for them, it is glory.

Bring back the glory days for them especially for those who have served the military for years through the challenge coin.

These custom military coin is a unique gift for them even if they are no longer in the service. Throwback the memories where once was there, where they still receive military coins from their units. Challenge Coins 4 Less has paved a way to bring back those old memories. Give them as many military coins as you can.

Custom Military Coins

If it happens that the veterans have their old military coins, they can bring the military coins to the shop to recreate it or make it as new as it was. We offer a lot of services and attend to your needs with these custom military coins. It is no longer impossible to relive the memories. You can also design you own military coins as unique as it can be. Custom military coins can be fun. You can show your originality and creativity with this special service. We attend according to the customer’s wants and demands. Drop by our store and experience make your own custom military coins.

If you are thinking twice in trying the service you can drop by see it for yourself.

Challenge Coins 4 Less is present to any branch of Armed Services you’re in. Custom military coins will be at its finest. Military coin is more than an artwork but a pride. Whatever you are looking for in a military coin, we can ensure that we can provide the best service as to making and creating your own unique military coin. You will never regret in trying our custom military coin.

Military Coins

It will give you a sense of satisfaction and happiness. Experience what it feels like in the old days just like what the Ancient Roman have before. Just like the purpose of giving a military coin to the soldier, when you try our service, it will also give you a sense of achievement in making your own military coin. Exchange pride, earn respect, be a man of courage, a conqueror with our own military coins.

As to our delivery terms, we know that time is gold just like in a battlefield that every second counts. Once the order is confirmed with your own design, the military coins will be on your doorstep within 2 to 3 weeks. And if you are really on a rush, we also accept rush orders. Just call on to our hotlines provided or email us for more details.


If you are looking for a custom military coins provider, so ChallengeCoins4Less makes it easy for you. For more details contact to us.

Printed Circuit Boards and Gaming

If you’re into video games, there’s probably one question that lingers in your mind: Which gaming device is the fairest of them all?

In the world of video gaming, almost every geek knows of the “Big Three” that dominates the scene: Sony’s PlayStation 4, Windows’ Xbox One, and the good old classic gaming personal computer (PC). But while it may be subject to debate which among them is the best choice for modern gaming, all of them wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for printed circuit boards.

Printed circuit boards are little flat boards that contain a number of tiny printed wires and connections where the electrical currents and signals travel so you can send a command in a game. These innovations have been around for as long as video games have existed, and they have proven to be an invaluable component of today’s technology.

But PCB assemblies were not born out of the blue. They were part of a long and dark history of the evolution of technology starting with the invention of transistors as a replacement for vacuum tubes. Back in the days of old, computers were big – they used to fill a whole room and was operated by a whole team of experts, who monitored the vacuum tubes which were used to power those colossal machines. These people would also be in charge of replacing the vacuum tubes whenever they would overheat, which happened a lot. And did we mention that those computers could only do simple mathematical equations?


Imagine purchasing a box as big as your bedroom just to be able to play a simple 2D game. Sounds terrifying?

Thanks to printed circuit boards, you didn’t have to experience those days. Now you can play high-res full 3D games and not worry about replacing any tubes that might overheat.

The Ubiquity of PCBs

Nowadays, almost every technology takes advantage of the capabilities and convenience of PCB assemblies. These nifty components are not just used in the world of gaming, but also in accounting (calculators), entertainment (television), transportation (street signs), and even in cooking (ovens)! Almost every device in your home that uses power in the form of batteries or any other type of electric current has circuit boards inside that receives the signals when you press a button, say, from the remote controller of your TV, and sends those signals via infrared to your TV. Electric currents travel blazingly fast thanks to the conducive prints on the circuit board, and that makes it possible for you to switch to different channels and change the volume of the TV with the press of a button.

Printed Circuit Boards With the omnipresence of printed circuit boards in today’s generation, there are a number of ways people can purchase them for their needs. Say you’re building your own gaming PC? There are a lot of people who are attracted to the concept of building their computers themselves brick-by-brick, also commonly known as Do-It-Yourself (DIY) mentality. You can get a list of all the required components like the graphics and sound cards, a mouse and a keyboard, some high quality speakers, and a motherboard – which is basically a PCB – that can fit all of your specifications.

When looking for a motherboard that will best serve your needs (or any other printed circuit board for that matter), always make sure you know where you’re getting it. You can physically go to an electric store to buy PCBs, but if you’re looking for a more convenient option, shopping PCB assemblies online is the way to go. One advantage of shopping online is that you can instantly check if a specific company or manufacturer can fit your needs. We at Imagineering, Inc. offer free quotes on our products, so you know exactly what you’ll be getting, and for how much, so you won’t be overspending. We’ll even handle shipping and delivery of PCBs for you!

Truly, PCBs have become instrumental in changing the landscape of modern industries, not just in gaming. Whether you’re a gamer or not, there is no denying of the usefulness of printed circuit boards in the modern age. But PCBs are just a stepping stone for more advanced technologies. Who knows what the next innovation might be?

Want That Motivational-Speaker-Success? Do It Like Garrison!

Every time we hear the term “motivational speaker”, most of us will immediately think of paid, self-righteous individuals who would share their experiences to the public and boast the achievements they have attained in their lives. However, not all motivational speakers are like that. Some speakers wholeheartedly share their wit and wisdom to the people listening to them. Some of them really want to inspire their audience by talking about the hardships they have encountered in life and how they were able to surpass them. Some would really like to impart their experiences not just for money, but for their audience to learn from the lessons they have gained as they go through life.

Garrison W. Wynn, from motivational-speaker-success, former stand-up comedian and author is one of the best motivational speakers in the world. Sure, there are other good motivational speakers from all over the globe, but there’s no one like Garrison. Receiving at least 90 invites per year, he has already been invited to become a keynote speaker of different companies and organizations worldwide. These companies and organizations include Indiana University, Sci Quest, the Southeast Mine Safety and Health Conference, Tech Fest 2015, the Midwest Multifamily Conference, the MAPP Conference, and many others.

Good Speakers

Garrison W. Wynn has also been receiving a lot of positive reviews from different big companies such as American Express, Subway, Wells Fargo, NAPA Auto Parts, United Airlines, and many others. I, too, have personally seen his videos on YouTube, and he is honestly the best. His energy and enthusiasm are very contagious that it encourages people to listen to every word he says. Wynn is an example of one of those people experiencing that motivational-speaker-success; and, if he can do it, you surely can do it too! Based on his YouTube videos and reviews, here are some characteristics that can help you become as effective and as successful as Garrison W. Wynn:

Energy and Enthusiasm

Listening to speeches could be very boring, especially if the speaker has low energy. Therefore, to become an effective speaker, bring energy to the speech room. Bring hype to the audience by giving them activities they surely will enjoy. Have some raffles, games, or anything that will boost the spirit of your listeners. Take it as a positive reinforcement. If your audience sees and observes how enthusiastic and interested you are with what you’re doing, their attention will be focused to you. They will have their eyes glued to you and have both their ears open to everything you will be saying. By awakening the energy of the audience, you will be able to establish yourself pretty well and your audience will respect you and will listen to you like you’re an inspiring person they have to look up to.


No matter how well you’ve establish energy and enthusiasm among your audience, it is still important for you to not forget what you’re doing and what your job is all about – business. Have your audience’s attention focused on the subject matter. Your job is to inspire them and motivate them to do what’s supposed to be done. So, even though you have hyped up your audience, make sure they will still be interested on the topic they’re supposed to be giving their attention to. Sure, it is nice to have fun at times, but do not forget that your job is to instil in them the subject they should really be focusing at.


Lastly, balance everything. Yes, there’s business involved, but establishing humour could be helpful at times. Cracking a joke at some point will bring back the focus of your audience, especially when they are already getting fed up with all the business you’re talking about. However, make sure that the humour being established is not offensive in any way, or it will only annoy your audience and they might not be interested to listen on what you’re talking about anymore.

Guest Speakers

That’s it – some tips to do motivational speaking like Garrison W. Wynn! Those tips are only opinions, by the way. If you want, you could go to YouTube and/or Google and search for Garrison W. Wynn or motivational-speaker-success, and see and judge for yourself. However, if you find this useful and effective in attaining that motivational-speaker-success, you may as well apply it in person. There’s no harm in trying anyway.

Tips Before Purchasing Discount Golf Clubs

If you are just starting to learn golf, then you have to consider some less expensive options when it comes to golf equipment. Rockbottomgolf are providing more discount and offer golf clubs. Used and discount golf clubs are among the best choices you have. They are more ideal if you do not get to play much or if you are on a budget. This is a wise move to take for beginners since they do not know how well they can perform and whether they will love playing this sport for long or not. Because of the fact that they are less expensive, these discount golf clubs are highly advantageous for them since they enable any newbie to experiment, combine, create hybrids and start playing to see which types, customizations and materials would fit them without spending tons of money.

Club Heads

Club HeadsTry to look for any wear on the club face. Equipment that have been used for quite some time can have worn areas. Usually, this occurs on the sweet spot which is right at the center of the club face. These worn spots commonly appear to be shinny. The club face of golf clubs will not be able to hold the ball well. You can say that they are in good condition if the edges of their grooves still are still well defined. You would not want to purchase clubs that have indentations on the club face as well. If the club head of the used or discount golf clubs you want to purchase is not made of steel, you have to be aware if it has any dent around its perimeter or on its crown. These things play significant roles when it comes to the ball flight. These are the things you need to check on the club heads thoroughly if you want to ensure the quality of the clubs you want to buy.


When checking the shafts of the used golf clubs you want to purchase, you have to be sure that they do not have any indentation or worn areas especially if they are made of graphite. The two are signs of weakness which can cause breakage in the long run. There are various ways to test the torque. You can simply twist the head and the grip towards opposite directions. If the resistance of the shafts is not great, then it is safe to say that they are just weak. If you are buying cheap golf clubs with steel shafts, you have to look down them to find out whether they have been bent back into shape or not. When building their golf club sets, some golfers make it to the point that the shafts they use are similar. This is done so they will get the same “feel” with each shot they make no matter which golf club they use.


GolfGrips of used golf clubs tend to have worn areas, splits and cracks especially if they were always used. Make sure you check them thoroughly so you can decide well whether you will purchase them or not. Keep in mind that it would cost you around 6 to 15 dollars to re-grip cheap golf clubs with damaged grips.

If this is your first time buying used or discount golf clubs, you have to make sure that you check each of them well. If you were sold some cheap golf clubs which have various damages, you cannot say that you actually saved money. Not all the used golf clubs have such damages. You can still obtain descent ones with a quality near to that of the brand new ones if you follow these useful guidelines. By the time you purchase used golf clubs, you already know what to look for.

Foreclosure Lawyers: Red Flags

Foreclosure — the word itself carries a stigma. When people buy a new home, they spend tens of thousands in researching, preparing, and settling in the new environment. However, due to things that might be beyond their control — such as layoffs — people may suddenly find themselves unable to pay off their monthly mortgage. All these result in the bank trying to repossess the home, in an action of equity.

MortgageThe good news is that there are certain steps one could take to avoid the completion of a foreclosure. In fact, several government initiatives are already in place that can help push for a renegotiation instead — this includes the HARP or Home Affordable refinance Program, and the 2009 “Making Home Affordable” Plan. However, this does not mean that countering foreclosure will be easy — through the process of refinancing, the bank stands to earn less than what was originally projected. This naturally means that the bank will pull out everything at its disposal in order to stop a renegotiation from pushing through.

If this sounds difficult, that is because it is — and it would be preferable to have someone do it for you instead. This is where a foreclosure attorney comes in. It is important to look for someone you can trust within your locale to help you with all the paperwork and haggling involved in the process. And choosing a good Long Island foreclosure lawyer is not too easy, either.

Say you walk into an attorney’s office, describe your problems, and get a deal on the spot. Beware when this happens — a reliable attorney will get all the possible details from you even before agreeing to take up the case. One very important factor is income — not to pay the Long Island foreclosure lawyer, but for him to understand if you have the means to support the house. If the lawyer starts agreeing to help save your house without knowing this very basic fact, then you are in bad company.

A trustworthy Long Island foreclosure lawyer is also completely honest. There are some times when the best that a lawyer can do is to stall the foreclosure proceedings, until their clients can get back on their feet and find an income stream to help pay off the debts. On the same vein, beware those who portend doom, saying that they can only stall the proceedings until you finally lose the legal battle. Some of these are only fishing for you to pay more, so that they will give you “the best that they have”.

Speaking of rates, there are also those unscrupulous Long Island foreclosure lawyers that charge flat rates to handle a case from the beginning to its resolution. This sounds like a great deal, but this could actually mean that they do not have enough cases under their belt that they are willing to give their services out at a cheap rate. Or, they may actually be making you pay for what their service is worth — in this case, they may be handling too many cases that they cannot put enough time to put up a decent fight for you.

What you should look for is a lawyer with a concrete plan to help you out. Your trusted Long Island foreclosure lawyer should be able to give you concrete steps for negotiating a modification of the mortgage, or filing a fraud complaint — any plan of action, as long as it is achievable. When you leave your attorney’s door, you should have a clear direction to take in your plan to save your life’s greatest investment.