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Uses Of Custom Patches In Different Organizations

Custom patches are fun, creative, and very useful. You can use them to cover holes and stains. You can use them to express yourself or to express a specific principle and belief. But, patches have different uses, too.


Here are the different uses of custom patches in different organizations and industries:

1.The Academe

Schools use patches as identification. They usually place the school logo on the patches and sew them on school uniforms. These patches also create a strong sense of school pride amongst the students. It makes them proud to be part of the school or university. It serves as a badge of honor.Visit here for more details.



A lot of students also use these patches to signify school club membership. For example, members of the Glee Club usually place a patch on their uniforms. Members of sports clubs also place patches on their jerseys.

A number of school administrators also give away special patches to top academic performers as a reward.


Custom patches are used by city league or junior league teams. Wearing an embroidered custom patch containing the logo of the team that you are supporting is a great way to show your team spirit. Patches are also used to commemorate big sporting events in different types of sports like soccer, tennis, basketball, baseball, tennis, softball, football, and volleyball.

3.Motorcycle Clubs

The use of embroidered patches was popularized by motorcycle and riding clubs. These patches contain unique symbols that represent different riding clubs. These patches bond the members together. Motorcycle club patches are collectibles and a lot of people would be willing to pay a lot of money for them.

The following biker clubs give away embroidered patches to their members:

•Freewheelers EVS

•Mongols Motorcycle Club

•Madras Bulls

•Motor MaidsCustom-Patch

•Ulysses Club

•Satyrs Motorcycle Club

•Night Wolves

•San Francisco Motorcycle Club

•Iron Horsemen

•Free Souls

•Lone Legion


•Solo Angeles

•Holy Riders

•Jewish Motorcyclists Alliance

•Patriot Guard Riders

•Women in the Wind MC

Motorcycle clubs usually distribute unique patches during biking and charity events.

4.Boy Scouts/ Girl Scouts

Masters usually give special embroidered patches to the high performing girl scouts and boy scouts. These patches symbolize achievements. Girl scouts and boy scouts also trade these patches with other scouts as a sign of friendship and camaraderie.
Some girl scouts and boy scouts also use these embroidered patches to express their individuality.

They can incorporate cartoon characters, activity logos, flowers, and other designs. Cub scouts are also given pebble patches. These patches signify their participation in various scouting activities such as crate climbing, cycling, camping, grass sledging, ice climbing, jet skiing, narrow boating, off-road biking, power boating, judo classes, water skiing, diving, surfing, caving, horse riding, and many other activities.

5.Law Enforcement

You can usually see embroidered patches on the uniforms of police and security officers. These patches demonstrate honor and authority. It also signifies their rank.


Patches are usually sewn into the uniforms of soldiers and military men. These patches display the officers’ rank and level of authority. These patches also represent their missions and assignment. Patches create a strong sense of spirit and pride among military men.

7.Civic Organizations

Custom patches are used by civic organizations to promote their charitable causes. Organizations who raise money for breast cancer victims usually give away patches to their supporters and patrons during breast awareness month.


Various politicians use patches to win voters. They give away these patches to their supporters during political rallies. Patches are also used to advance a political cause such as pushing for bigger education budget or saving the environment.


9.Corporations and Business

Some Corporations and business place embroidered patches on their employees’ uniform. Some businesses use embroidered patches as a reward to their high performing employees. They give a “top sales agent of the month” to their top salesperson. They also give special patches to tenured employees. For example, some businesses give “10 years of service” patches to those who have served the company for more than 10 years.


Patches are often used as a fashion statement. It is usually placed on shirts, backpacks, and jeans to enhance the garments’ design and appeal.

11.Private Events

Patches are also used by event planners as a giveaway or party favor. Patches are great giveaways for seminars, weddings, birthday parties, and corporate events.

Custom patches are cool, exciting, and affordable. These patches are also flexible and useful. You can sew them on your shirt, bags, or that old pair of jeans that you can’t seem to let go of.