Create your own custom military coins

Are you looking for a gift for a soldier lover? Do you want to appreciate them through a coin? What mystery does a coin bear for a military man? Does it really give them a sense of achievement when given a coin? Is it an ordinary coin or an extraordinary coin that gives them pride and honour?

Custom military coins are right for you. If you are not a military man but a loved one and you do not have an idea what to give them, Challenge Coins 4 Less makes it easy for you. Stop by our own one stop shop where you can be creative to create a unique military coin for your loved one to appreciate him as a soldier. For an ordinary people, it is just a coin but for the servants of the country such as the Armed Forces, Navy, Marine or the military forces, it is a military coin that symbolized their bravery and integrity.

For them, it gives them a sense of achievement since long ago, it is traditionally used as badge of honour. It is a pride that signifies that they have again fight in a battle and able to conquer it. A battle is won and so the commander recognized them for what they have done. For some, they may not know the true value of it, but for them, it is glory.

Bring back the glory days for them especially for those who have served the military for years through the challenge coin.

These custom military coin is a unique gift for them even if they are no longer in the service. Throwback the memories where once was there, where they still receive military coins from their units. Challenge Coins 4 Less has paved a way to bring back those old memories. Give them as many military coins as you can.

Custom patch


If it happens that the veterans have their old military coins, they can bring the military coins to the shop to recreate it or make it as new as it was. We offer a lot of services and attend to your needs with these custom military coins. It is no longer impossible to relive the memories. You can also design you own military coins as unique as it can be. Custom military coins can be fun. You can show your originality and creativity with this special service. We attend according to the customer’s wants and demands. Drop by our store and experience make your own custom military coins.

If you are thinking twice in trying the service you can drop by see it for yourself.

Challenge Coins 4 Less is present to any branch of Armed Services you’re in. Custom military coins will be at its finest. Military coin is more than an artwork but a pride. Whatever you are looking for in a military coin, we can ensure that we can provide the best service as to making and creating your own unique military coin. You will never regret in trying our custom military coin.


It will give you a sense of satisfaction and happiness. Experience what it feels like in the old days just like what the Ancient Roman have before. Just like the purpose of giving a military coin to the soldier, when you try our service, it will also give you a sense of achievement in making your own military coin. Exchange pride, earn respect, be a man of courage, a conqueror with our own military coins.

As to our delivery terms, we know that time is gold just like in a battlefield that every second counts. Once the order is confirmed with your own design, the military coins will be on your doorstep within 2 to 3 weeks. And if you are really on a rush, we also accept rush orders. Just call on to our hotlines provided or email us for more details.


If you are looking for a custom military coins provider, so ChallengeCoins4Less makes it easy for you. For more details contact to us.