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Want That Motivational-Speaker-Success? Do It Like Garrison!

Every time we hear the term “motivational speaker”, most of us will immediately think of paid, self-righteous individuals who would share their experiences to the public and boast the achievements they have attained in their lives. However, not all motivational speakers are like that. Some speakers wholeheartedly share their wit and wisdom to the people listening to them. Some of them really want to inspire their audience by talking about the hardships they have encountered in life and how they were able to surpass them. Some would really like to impart their experiences not just for money, but for their audience to learn from the lessons they have gained as they go through life.

Garrison W. Wynn, from motivational-speaker-success, former stand-up comedian and author is one of the best motivational speakers in the world. Sure, there are other good motivational speakers from all over the globe, but there’s no one like Garrison. Receiving at least 90 invites per year, he has already been invited to become a keynote speaker of different companies and organizations worldwide. These companies and organizations include Indiana University, Sci Quest, the Southeast Mine Safety and Health Conference, Tech Fest 2015, the Midwest Multifamily Conference, the MAPP Conference, and many others.

Good Speaker


Garrison W. Wynn has also been receiving a lot of positive reviews from different big companies such as American Express, Subway, Wells Fargo, NAPA Auto Parts, United Airlines, and many others. I, too, have personally seen his videos on YouTube, and he is honestly the best. His energy and enthusiasm are very contagious that it encourages people to listen to every word he says. Wynn is an example of one of those people experiencing that motivational-speaker-success; and, if he can do it, you surely can do it too! Based on his YouTube videos and reviews, here are some characteristics that can help you become as effective and as successful as Garrison W. Wynn:

Energy and Enthusiasm

Listening to speeches could be very boring, especially if the speaker has low energy. Therefore, to become an effective speaker, bring energy to the speech room. Bring hype to the audience by giving them activities they surely will enjoy. Have some raffles, games, or anything that will boost the spirit of your listeners. Take it as a positive reinforcement. If your audience sees and observes how enthusiastic and interested you are with what you’re doing, their attention will be focused to you. They will have their eyes glued to you and have both their ears open to everything you will be saying. By awakening the energy of the audience, you will be able to establish yourself pretty well and your audience will respect you and will listen to you like you’re an inspiring person they have to look up to.


No matter how well you’ve establish energy and enthusiasm among your audience, it is still important for you to not forget what you’re doing and what your job is all about – business. Have your audience’s attention focused on the subject matter. Your job is to inspire them and motivate them to do what’s supposed to be done. So, even though you have hyped up your audience, make sure they will still be interested on the topic they’re supposed to be giving their attention to. Sure, it is nice to have fun at times, but do not forget that your job is to instil in them the subject they should really be focusing at.


Lastly, balance everything. Yes, there’s business involved, but establishing humour could be helpful at times. Cracking a joke at some point will bring back the focus of your audience, especially when they are already getting fed up with all the business you’re talking about. However, make sure that the humour being established is not offensive in any way, or it will only annoy your audience and they might not be interested to listen on what you’re talking about anymore.


That’s it – some tips to do motivational speaking like Garrison W. Wynn! Those tips are only opinions, by the way. If you want, you could go to YouTube and/or Google and search for Garrison W. Wynn or motivational-speaker-success, and see and judge for yourself. However, if you find this useful and effective in attaining that motivational-speaker-success, you may as well apply it in person. There’s no harm in trying anyway.