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Tips Before Purchasing Discount Golf Clubs

If you are just starting to learn golf, then you have to consider some less expensive options when it comes to golf equipment. Rockbottomgolf are providing more discount and offer golf clubs. Used and discount golf clubs are among the best choices you have. They are more ideal if you do not get to play much or if you are on a budget. This is a wise move to take for beginners since they do not know how well they can perform and whether they will love playing this sport for long or not. Because of the fact that they are less expensive, these discount golf clubs are highly advantageous for them since they enable any newbie to experiment, combine, create hybrids and start playing to see which types, customizations and materials would fit them without spending tons of money.

Club Heads

Club Heads

Try to look for any wear on the club face. Equipment that have been used for quite some time can have worn areas. Usually, this occurs on the sweet spot which is right at the center of the club face. These worn spots commonly appear to be shinny. The club face of golf clubs will not be able to hold the ball well. You can say that they are in good condition if the edges of their grooves still are still well defined. You would not want to purchase clubs that have indentations on the club face as well. If the club head of the used or discount golf clubs you want to purchase is not made of steel, you have to be aware if it has any dent around its perimeter or on its crown. These things play significant roles when it comes to the ball flight. These are the things you need to check on the club heads thoroughly if you want to ensure the quality of the clubs you want to buy.


When checking the shafts of the used golf clubs you want to purchase, you have to be sure that they do not have any indentation or worn areas especially if they are made of graphite. The two are signs of weakness which can cause breakage in the long run. There are various ways to test the torque. You can simply twist the head and the grip towards opposite directions. If the resistance of the shafts is not great, then it is safe to say that they are just weak. If you are buying cheap golf clubs with steel shafts, you have to look down them to find out whether they have been bent back into shape or not. When building their golf club sets, some golfers make it to the point that the shafts they use are similar. This is done so they will get the same “feel” with each shot they make no matter which golf club they use.


Grips of used golf clubs tend to have worn areas, splits and cracks especially if they were always used. Make sure you check them thoroughly so you can decide well whether you will purchase them or not. Keep in mind that it would cost you around 6 to 15 dollars to re-grip cheap golf clubs with damaged grips.

If this is your first time buying used or discount golf clubs, you have to make sure that you check each of them well. If you were sold some cheap golf clubs which have various damages, you cannot say that you actually saved money. Not all the used golf clubs have such damages. You can still obtain descent ones with a quality near to that of the brand new ones if you follow these useful guidelines. By the time you purchase used golf clubs, you already know what to look for.